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Design resource for fashion textile designers

As budding designers trying to grab a section of the market we need all the resources we can get. Trying to do everything by yourself is not practical but doesn’t stop us from trying. Here is a few resources to help you on your career. If you have any resources you find very helpful please comment


Wix: A great and fast way to create your own website. However you have to use wix as your host too. I would use six if you are just looking for a fast way to put up your website.  Very user-friendly website to create your own website. Can use any host you wish. I would use wordpress for my own websites instead of wix as I rather a wider choice of plugins and to choose my own host.


Hosting is a service of providing a server, and the network infrastructure for your server to be reached by web browsers all over the world through the internet.

Looking at a variety of website hosting strategies for WordPress I think self-hosting using Bluehost  or Godaddy is the best option. I have used both providers and found them both very good. I recommend either.


Every designer should have a blog just like social media. It is another form of digital marketing. You may find your blog more effective than your Instagram or vice versa. See what works for you. Interested in starting a blog or building a portfolio site? This is the place to start. the .com version is a free site to blog with and is hosted free. However if you want your blog on your website I recommend . Note the .org version is not free and you have to host it yourself but it is better in the long run when you want to gain followers and grow.

Canva:  high-quality design templates for all your digital media graphics

Bloglovin : App that allows to discover and follow blogs. Great app to join and share your blog to increase followers and to be inspired for your blogs.

Vimeo: A more private option to Youtube, however youtube is owned by google, so using youtube helps gain your websites more points with google and rank higher in google results. Twitter is also owned by Google 😉

Further Learning: : you can try Lynda free for 7 days. This is one of the top Photoshop and Illustrator training resources out in the market. The tutorials are easy to follow, high quality and affordable!

Adobe Illustrator Basics: Tools and Resources for Beginners

Useful Websites

WGSN : trend forecasting

Pattern Observer: for surface pattern designers. This website will help you grow your textile design business through articles, interviews, tutorials. Also there is private design community, The Textile Design Lab which is very worth while.

Jovoto : discover creative projects to work on

Glossary of Pattern Terminology : For people who love textiles

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About Fashion Textile Design Centre

Louise Porter is the blogger for the Fashion & Textile Design Centre. Louise has a degree in Fashion & Textile Design degree and a Masters in Business.
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